"We will not leave Greece alone with its pain!": foreign fire brigades have arrived in the country

In these tense days, Greece is undergoing an incredible test of the fire element. Large-scale fires spread across the country from one edge to the other. However, the Greeks came to the aid of foreign fire brigades: from Ukraine, Cyprus, France, Israel, Croatia, Sweden and other countries. In particular, from Friday 6/08/21, the Greek fire […]

Severe forest fire on the outskirts of Athens

A violent wildfire is raging in the elite Athenian district of Varimpompi in northwest Attica: the inhabitants of the houses are being evacuated; residents were urged to close doors and windows. Authorities temporarily closed part of the Athens-Lamia national highway in northeastern Attica after a massive fire broke out in the Upper Varimmpi area on […]

Samos fire is out of control

A wildfire on the island of Samos, in a forested area in the Vourliotes area, which began this afternoon, is out of control. At the site of the fire, a significant fire brigade is operating, while, according to samos24.gr, the Samos Fire Department and the police have begun a preventive evacuation of two hotels and […]

The fire in Schinos is out of control

The Civil Defense Service activated the European emergency number 112, issuing an emergency message to evacuate residents of an even wider area between Liakotos, Kato Pefkenea, Hani Derveni and IM Agio Erofeu, asking them to leave their homes by provincial roads to Megara. The fire in Shinos, Corinth, judging by the panicky statements by the […]

Firefighters obliged to get vaccinated

Mandatory vaccination of all firefighters serving in EMAK is provided for by an order issued today by the Main Directorate of the Fire Service. The order was issued on the initiative and decision of the head of the service Αρχηγείο της Πυροσβεστικής Υπηρεσίας Stefanos Kolokuris. According to the ERT TV channel, the senior officer explained […]