Romania: fine for … wearing a mask

Starting today, Romania is imposing a fine of $ 570 for wearing a cloth mask. Amid the rapid spread of the omicron strain, Romanian Interior Minister Lucian Bode told Digi 24 that a textile mask is not a reliable means of protection against it, and a $ 570 fine will be imposed for its use: […]

Hour X is approaching – before January 16 they should have time to get the first face vaccination 60+

In the age group over 60, the coronavirus vaccine is required. Starting from January 16, everyone who did not have time to make an appointment at least for the first appointment will face a monthly fine of 100 euros. Government decision published in Government Gazette, with an indication of exceptions for those who, for health […]

Austria: vaccination or … 3600 euros

Compulsory vaccination for everyone over 14 years old is introduced in Austria from February 1. For refusal to vaccinate, a fine in the amount of 3.6 thousand euros is threatened. Large fines for those unwilling to vaccinate were announced by Wolfgang Mückstein, the head of the Austrian Ministry of Health, presenting the bill, reports Securykid… […]

Manitakis: “Their rights are not violated.” Tsanakis: “The Greek needs a fine”

Professor of constitutional law Antonis Manitakis believes that the constitutional rights of senior citizens of Greece, for whom vaccination against coronavirus has become mandatory, have not been violated. He refers to the relevant case-law of the Court of Cassation for professional categories of workers for whom vaccinations have become compulsory, as well as to European […]

Greece: new law and fines for NGOs

Without the permission of the Greek Coast Guard, NGOs are not allowed to rescue immigrants with the help of private boat owners – this is the main message of the new law passed by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. Violators face severe fines. The law establishes strict criteria for the participation of non-governmental organizations […]