To whom is war, and to whom …

In the two months since the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Russia has managed to almost double its energy export revenues, receiving approximately 62 billion euros. Germany became the main importer, and income increased due to higher prices. The Finnish Energy and Clean Air Research Center (CREA) reported on the amount received by […]

Indonesia bans palm oil exports

The world’s largest exporter and producer of palm oil, Indonesia, is imposing a ban on the export of palm oil from April 28. The reason is a local shortage. The supply cuts will remain in effect until the Indonesian government is satisfied that the shortage is over, according to Bloomberg, Joko Widodo, the country’s president, […]

How events in Ukraine affect Greek companies

Greek exporters and businessmen are following developments on the Russian-Ukrainian border with concern, according to the Greek news agency. ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ. Greek exporters are watching the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border with great concern. The fact is that sales of Greek products to Ukraine and Russia take up a small share of the total amount of […]

Greek blueberries, native to Siberia, conquer the world

Blueberries grown in the Greek city of Drama are conquering overseas markets. Unique honey, which contains natural blueberry powder, won an honorary award in Dubai (UAE). Greek honey “Sparta” with the addition of blueberries, under the trademark “Grandpas Blueberry”, is a natural product produced by the cooperative of farmers and livestock breeders “Biodrama” According to […]

Feta and yoghurt appealed to the Dutch

For the Netherlands, the most important imported Greek dairy products are feta and yoghurt. It is noted that the Netherlands is an important partner of Greece in this direction. Other types of cheese imported from Greece to the Netherlands, besides feta, are kefalothiri, gouda, cephalograviera and casseri. According to the TradeMap database, the Netherlands was […]

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