A ring depicting Pallas Athena was found at the site of the Battle of Kulikovo

Exploring the ancient Russian settlement of the XIV century, near the Kulikovo field, archaeologists discovered a ring with the image of the Greek goddess Pallas Athena. The event was reported by the press service of the State Museum-Reserve “Kulikovo field”, writes RIA Novosti. Candidate of Historical Sciences Andrei Naumov, Deputy Director of the State Museum-Reserve […]

The Niarchos Foundation canceled a €4 million grant to the Ministry of Culture due to “systematic delays”

The well-known Greek Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) announced on Friday the cancellation of a €4 million grant to the Ministry of Culture aimed at protecting archaeological finds due to “persistent and systematic delays” in the project. The SNF grant was aimed at protecting and displaying archaeological finds in the Faliro Delta region, which were discovered […]

The Nobel Foundation returned the Mycenaean gold ring from the necropolis of Rhodes to Greece

A Mycenaean-era gold ring depicting a pair of sphinxes was returned to Greece by the Nobel Foundation at a ceremony held on Thursday May 19 in Stockholm, the Ministry of Culture in Athens said. The ring was found in 1927 during the excavations of the Italian archaeological school in the Mycenaean necropolis of Ialyssos. It […]

The Ancient City Described in the Iliad by Homer, Discovered in Greece

Archaeologists have found the ruins of the ancient city of Meliboia, which Homer described in his immortal Iliad, near the port of Agiokampos in Greece. The remains of a Hellenistic sanctuary, built from alabaster and local sources of stone, have been unearthed during the EFA excavations, begun relatively recently by a team of archaeologists led […]

Antique bas-reliefs depicting an episode of the Greco-Persian war found in Turkey

A unique stone bas-relief depicting a scene from the period of the Persian-Greek wars in the 5th century BC, was discovered during archaeological excavations in the area of ​​the city of Bandirma in northwestern Turkey. The antique bas-relief depicts Greek warriors fighting with the Persians on horseback. In this case, the Greeks are below, next […]

Pregnant … the mummy was first found by scientists

A shocking discovery was made by Polish researchers, officially reporting the only known case of the discovery of an Egyptian mummy – a woman buried pregnant. The Warsaw Mummy Project researchers’ discovery was published Tuesday in the Journal of Archaeological Science. During the research work, which began in 2015, modern technologies were used to study […]

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