Greek authorities are trying "defuse the bomb"mortgaged by auctions and confiscation of housing

Today the government is holding a cabinet meeting. Government officials will try to find a solution to the “hot” problem of “red” mortgages and the already set fire “bomb” of auctions in the very near future in order to change the situation in society. The auctioning and forced eviction of former journalist Ioanna Colova, in […]

The cry of suffering of an unemployed mother with two children – she is kicked out of the house (video)

Before the Greek society had time to realize the incident with the eviction of the house of Ioanna Kolova, a new story appeared that shocked all of Greece. An unemployed woman, a divorced mother of two minor children, was given several days’ notice to leave the house she bought with a loan and is currently […]

Thousands of people came to the rally in solidarity with the victim

Neighbors, friends, students, representatives of political parties and hundreds of other concerned members of society came today to the house of Ioanna Kolova, who on Monday morning witnessed how the bailiff, accompanied by the police, breaks down the door to drive her out of the house. As we reported earlier, the police, in the presence […]