Signal flares cause new fire in Greece

At dawn today, another fire broke out in Daskalio (Keratea). The reason was two flares fired from the area near the beach. This is confirmed by witnesses and surveillance cameras. Lavreotika Mayor Dimitris Lucas gave details on the Hra Hellas of Open program on the Open channel: “Two flares fell, one red and one yellow, […]

Chaos and death at Kabul airport

Media reports of 12 deaths at the Kabul airport, where desperate attempts by residents of the Afghan capital to leave the country continue, while the United States and European countries seek to evacuate as many of their citizens and Afghan employees as possible. US military flights resumed on Tuesday to evacuate diplomats and civilians after […]

Greece pays special attention to safe evacuation from Afghanistan and border protection

The National Council for Foreign and Defense Affairs (KYSEA) met Wednesday afternoon to discuss developments in Afghanistan and planning for the defense of the country’s border. At the same time, Greece’s first priority is to ensure a safe passage for the return of people and their families who collaborated with the Greek troops in Afghanistan. […]

What’s happening in Kabul today

Having taken control of Afghanistan, the Taliban talk about a “popular uprising” and promise an inclusive government. They hoisted a flag over the presidential palace and announce the end of the 20-year war, happily posing for the cameras. The militants are demanding the withdrawal of all foreign troops before the new government is formalized. They […]

Evia: the fire cannot be stopped

“The site from the village of Kurkuli is crucial, if the fire breaks out from there, we will not be able to predict where it will stop,” says the deputy governor of the Kelaiditis region. 15 villages and settlements have already been evacuated, the municipality of Limni – Mantudi – Agia Anna has been declared […]

Turkey: fires continue to rage, death toll rises to four

Four thousand firefighters fight fires in Turkey. Dozens of houses have been burned down, villages have been evacuated, and the fire is approaching residential areas and hotels. Arson is suspected. Forests are simultaneously burning in many regions of southern Turkey – Alanya, Manavgat, Adana, Bodrum, Mersin, Marmaris, not far from tourist areas. Strong winds spread […]

France: peaceful evacuation of the participants of the “Night of Solidarity”

French police have evacuated the tent city of migrants, which was destroyed in the Parisian square of the Republic. Hundreds of protesters united in a rally called “Night of Solidarity”, setting up 300 tents in the center of the capital, reports The Associated Press. The protesters are supported by several associations, which are demanding that […]