Thessaloniki: dismantling of international human trafficking network, five arrests

The international criminal organization for trafficking in immigrants, which had been operating since September last year, was liquidated by the Greek police with the assistance of Europol. During an operation carried out in Northern Greece by police officers of the Thessaloniki Department for Foreigners, five members of the group, three foreigners and two Greeks, were […]

Europol carried out a large-scale operation, the confiscation is estimated at 63 million euros

Europol, with the assistance of law enforcement agencies in more than 20 countries, including Greece, has confiscated € 63 million worth of counterfeit medical products to combat COVID-19. Among the seized counterfeit products – 3 million units of medical devices, drugs, doping drugs, says RIA News… The agency’s press release announced a major operation led […]

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