Applying to the EU for funding protection against migrant flows

Twelve European countries, including Greece, have asked the EU to finance the construction of barriers to prevent the flow of illegal migrants. In their letter to Brussels addressed to the Interior Minister Ilva Johansson and the Vice-President of the European Commission, Margarita Schoinas, on Thursday, the ministers of the interior of 12 countries note that […]

EU membership for Western Balkan countries no longer “shines”

Following desire cancel visa-free regime for third countries, the European Union changed its mind about accepting the Balkan countries into its union. informs: “The European Union can no longer guarantee the future membership of the six Western Balkan countries in the union, reports Reuters. According to the agency, this applies to Serbia, Bosnia and […]

EU initiates a defense union

The European Union is strengthening domestic defense cooperation in an effort to increase its independence from the United States. Against the background of recent events – the conclusion of the military partnership AUKUS and the situation with Afghanistan – the European states decided to create a defense alliance independent of the United States. Defense ministers […]

EU accused Greece of “illegal repatriation” and provided funding

New funding for the Greek Coast Guard has not been approved, the refusal of the EU Commission is based on the so-called “illegal deportation”. As DER SPIEGEL magazine reported in today’s article, the Commission has no plans to respond to Greece’s request for funding of € 15.8 million for Coast Guard activities. Ilva Johansson, European […]

Greece and Lithuania agreed to work together to resolve the migration crisis

Greece will help Lithuania cope with illegal immigration across the Belarusian border. Athens hosted a meeting between Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and head of the Lithuanian government Ingrida Simonite. They called on the EU to work together to overcome the migration crisis. The Greek Prime Minister said at a press conference after the talks: […]