Make your home greener: government subsidies for renovations to save energy

The housing stock renovation program “Εξοικονομώ 2021” will be expanded. Access to it will be given to all participants who applied and did not enter the 1st stage. The Ministry of Ecology and Energy has offered a summer “bonus” to households that have applied for the “Εξοικονομώ 2021” program. In particular, today, August 17, the […]

ΔΕΗ myEnergy Coach: A tool to save energy and save money

Company ΔΕΗ announced the myEnergy Coach digital tool to help consumers figure out their energy costs and engage their saving habits. It will also effectively help reduce energy costs and be helpful in protecting the environment. ΔΕΗ myEnergyCoach is online and gives consumers the opportunity to: control the consumption of electricity – both at […]

The European Commission will allocate 1.4 billion euros for Greece

The European Commission has approved a plan for 1.4 billion euros for the development of renewable energy sources in the islands not connected to mainland Greece. In particular, the project supports the production of electricity using so-called hybrid power plants that generate and store electricity from solar and wind energy. About 80% of the electricity […]

Home Renovation Subsidy Program Advances "with a creak"

The program for subsidizing housing reconstruction by the state in terms of energy saving “Εξοικονομώ” is progressing “with a creak.” Only one out of 100 applications has been approved. A few days before the start of the new (expanded) program “Νέου Εξοικονομώ” (Πρόγραμμα Ενεργειακής Αναβάθμισης Κατοικιών με επιδότηση), it is especially interesting to analyze the […]