Dead dolphin found on Laconia beach

A dead dolphin was found by vacationers on the beach “Magnos” (Neapolis) in Laconia. Against this background, very disturbing news comes from Greek environmentalists. Large mammal populations are declining in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. And while marine biologists like to talk about the diversity of biological species in Greek waters, experts argue that whales […]

Is the Russian navy guarded by fighting dolphins?

USNI, the US Naval Institute, has reported a troop of combat dolphins near Sevastopol guarding Russian warships. Satellite images confirm that the dolphin enclosures at the entrance to Sevastopol Bay appeared in February, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. Presumably, specially trained aquatic mammals protect ships from saboteurs. However, not all dolphins are so lucky […]

Thermaikos Gulf Dolphins to be Examined by iSea Members

Members of the environmental organization iSea decided to study the dolphins of Thermaikos Bay, registering each one individually with the help of a unique “fingerprint”, which is a dorsal fin in dolphins. “Our Thermaikos Dolphin Project, which was launched in late spring with the support of SANIResort, includes the systematic monitoring of cetaceans in Thermaikos […]

Greece: dolphins and whales in danger

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) that swim in European seas face a much greater threat than in all other parts of the planet. At the same time, Europe has one of the most advanced and integrated systems for their protection. This paradox is described in a report called “Under Pressure,” recently released by OceanCare, an international […]