There are fewer democracies in the world

Deutsche Welle draws attention to recent research data showing the sad results of political transformation – there are fewer and fewer democracies in the world. The publication writes: “For the first time since 2004, the BTI index showed that there are more authoritarians than democratic developing countries in the world.” Democracy is far from having […]

Epiphany 1966: popular unrest, Theodorakis creates the unsurpassed work “Romiosini”

Back in 1966, the hourglass of democracy in the country that spawned it began to devastate dangerously. Greece has embarked on a journey of no return. The political scene was like a gunpowder store, ready to explode. Everything indicated that the establishment of a dictatorship was only a matter of time. This is a time […]

America created the group “110 Friends of Democracy”

Dear friends, as you may have heard, this week the leader of the United States will host a virtual Summit for Democracy, during which 110 specially selected participants will discuss the problems of democracy in the modern world and the opposition to authoritarian regimes. Russia, China, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Zimbabwe and many, many others were […]

Freedom of speech in an advanced democracy

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental freedoms in democratic societies. Without her, there is simply no way. It is protected by laws and the authorities of democratic countries carefully monitor that this freedom is not violated by anyone. And yet, in civilized societies there is another value – the inviolability of business. They […]

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