Mouzenidis Travel is in debt

Mouzenidis Travel has reached an agreement with creditors on claims for 17.2 million euros and has applied for ratification of the reorganization agreement, in accordance with the new bankruptcy law. The company, which is part of the Mouzenidis group, according to Kathimerini, has signed bilateral agreements with eight of its creditors, which are to be […]

Find out how much you owe the state

Teiresias SA continues to further digitize its services, enabling individuals and legal entities to receive information about the data stored in and relating to its files by e-mail. This year, Teiresias SA (Τειρεσίας ΑΕ) completes its 30-year contribution to the development of the Greek economy by providing reliable information for making the right decisions. What […]

USA: Poor Poor Trump …

For 13 years, the former president of the United States’ bodyguard waited for the money Trump borrowed from him to return. But he didn’t wait. The billionaire, apparently, has financial problems or blackouts, brings to the attention of the public Daily Star. How not to help a hungry person? Moreover, if he is a billionaire […]

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