New drug reduces Covid-19 deaths by 55%

The new drug, which is undergoing pilot and clinical trials in many countries, has reduced the critical mortality of Covid-19 patients by at least half (55%). Trials were conducted on volunteer patients who were prescribed it in the US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Bulgaria. All of them, among other things, received supplemental oxygen and […]

In April, the pandemic will be dealt with forever

The head of the Institute for Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene at Jena University Hospital, Mathias Pletz, believes that the difficult epidemic situation caused by the spread of coronavirus will improve from April 2022. “The waves (pandemics) will become more and more insignificant, even if new options appear, because there is simply already some basic […]

Merck pills: how they were created and how their price will be determined

Zoe Aleksopoulou, clinical research director at Merck Sharp & Dohme, explained how scientists came up with the coronavirus pill. “Even before the covid pandemic, scientists began using the drug as a cure for the flu. However, during the pandemic, we found that, thanks to its mechanism of action, which suppresses the spread of some RNA […]

Coronavirus cure will be available from 2023

Australia and the United States are joining forces to create an antiviral drug that is effective against COVID and its mutations. A promising drug for coronavirus, which will be available in pharmacies, is being developed by American scientists in collaboration with Australian colleagues. Scientists from the Menzies Health Institute in Queensland and the American research […]

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