Rubicon anarchists smashed the office of the bailiff who evicted I. Kolova (video)

The Rubicon group broke into the office of the bailiff responsible for the eviction of Ioanna Kolova. The anarchists broke open the office doors, smashed the premises, furniture and computers. They released a video and a statement explaining what happened: According to the organization’s statement: “The bailiff Pavlos Kalkitanidis is responsible, as an executor, for […]

Six vandals arrested for damaging ΗΣΑΠ

Six people, including four minors, were arrested on charges of “destroying” the ΗΣΑΠ station and the train. The arrests took place at the ΗΣΑΠ stops of Attiki and Neo Faliro. According to law enforcement agencies, after the end of the football match held at the OPAP ARENA Agia Sofia stadium in the Nea Philadelphia metropolitan […]

Syngro-Fix: vandals destroyed the station

According to the Greek media, which refer to the data of law enforcement agencies, last night, from October 1 to October 2, ten people entered the metro station and began to smash everything. In particular, according to ΕΛΑΣaround 23:00 attackers in helmets and surgical masks smashed two ATMs and protective glasses of cash desks, fled […]

Motorcyclist crushed by fallen tree while standing at traffic light

Tragedy in the city Heraklion in Creteon the most central street, cannot be comprehended by the human mind. 51-year-old motorcyclist stopped at a traffic lightand aboutbottom of large trees unexpectedly fell, crushing him. Panic immediately arose, and passing citizens rushed to the aid of the unfortunate driver. Unfortunately, this turned out to be useless, as […]

The train crippled a 45-year-old man who was on the tracks

On Saturday evening, July 23, in the area of ​​Thebes, a man was seriously injured when he was “dragged” by a train ΟΣΕ. According to the message LamiaReporttrain 887, which departed shortly after 20:00 from Lianoklady to Athens, at the height of Thebes hit a Roma citizen walking near the railway tracks. For unknown reasons, […]