Delta, lambda, epsilon – everything that is known about new strains of coronavirus

WHO last week once again warned of the spread of new strains of coronavirus. What is known about these super-infectious mutations that bear the letters of the Greek alphabet as names? The most widespread in the world are the variants Alpha (173 countries), Beta (122), Gamma (74), Delta (104). Meanwhile, the coronavirus continues to mutate, […]

"Event 201": false and true

As the number of people dissatisfied with the fact that people do not behave like “little children” grows and the number of anti-vaccinators grows, new facts are emerging that confirm that something is wrong with the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s not fantasize about where, what and how – even scientists themselves still cannot answer these questions […]

Indoor restaurants and cafes will open on 15 July

Indoor spaces and restaurants will open on July 15, but the question is whether they will be mixed. In his interview, Minister for Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis said that in any case, closed restaurants and entertainment venues will open on July 15. There is no doubt that both vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens will come. […]

One covid is bad, two are even worse

The Belgian old woman died from the simultaneous aggression of two variants of the coronavirus – South African and British. According to Agence France-Presse today, a 90-year-old resident of the city of Aalste (East Flanria) was hospitalized in March with COVID-19. Within five days, despite the treatment, the woman’s condition rapidly deteriorated, and the disease […]

A baby from Russia in the intensive care unit of a Greek hospital with coronavirus

The one-year-old child of Russian tourists who came to rest in Greece was placed in intensive care due to the coronavirus. The family came to Greece for a summer vacation, says Michalis Yannakos, President of POEDIN, on SKAI. The sick child was first admitted to the Agia Sofia children’s hospital. However, the baby’s condition worsened […]

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