The prosecutor’s office took care of the family of a 14-year-old girl, covid deniers

The incident with the 14-year-old adolescent once again underlines the problem that has arisen with the deniers and the unvaccinated, who “hold hostage” others, namely minor family members. A serious problem arose in the case of a schoolgirl who, unfortunately, being a minor, could not act without parental consent. The girl contracted the coronavirus, but […]

YouTube Tightens Policy – Fake Videos About Any Vaccines Will Be Removed

False claims and videos questioning the effectiveness and safety of any approved vaccine, not just COVID-19, will be removed, YouTube said. Video hosting, owned by the IT concern Google (USA), announced its the decision Wednesday, September 29th. In an interview with Bloomberg, Matt Halprin, vice president of YouTube, said the company is thus increasing its […]

Coronavirus and influenza: green light for parallel vaccination

Scientists have approved the joint introduction of vaccines against coronavirus and influenza virus, because, as they explained, no time distance is required between them. As the President of the National Committee for Vaccinations Maria Theodoridou emphasized at a briefing by the Ministry of Health, vaccination against influenza will begin in the coming weeks. She said […]

Food before and after vaccination against COVID-19

Vaccination against the COVID-19 virus seems like the only way to get back to normal. Sometimes side effects occur after it, however, proper nutrition can help the body function properly and, through this mechanism, maintain overall good health, possibly preventing any side effects. Side effects of the vaccine can include pain, redness, and swelling at […]

A drug that could end the coronavirus pandemic

The final clinical trials of molnupiravir have raised high hopes for treating those already infected with the coronavirus, and it now appears to be acting prophylactically by preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection. Today, hospitals are administering drugs to fight the disease caused by the new coronavirus, Covid-19, but the pill, developed by the American pharmaceutical company Merck, […]

“Boiling” Thessaloniki, a third of daily coronavirus cases are associated with children

In Northern Greece, an outbreak of coronavirus in children. And in adults, the situation is no better. The number of new cases is almost comparable to the capital of Greece, although the population in Thessaloniki is much smaller. In general, the situation in Northern Greece is more and more worrisome. The number of hospitalizations is […]

Arrest for fake vaccination certificates and their use

Greek law enforcement officials reported three arrests. 3 people were detained for issuing and using fake vaccination certificates. As it became known yesterday, on Tuesday September 21, three persons, participants in illegal actions, were detained by the police of the internal affairs service. The Trinity is charged with “an episodic offense in the form of […]

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