Unbelievable: how many cases of covid were detected in schools self test

Self-tests in secondary schools identified 2,000 cases – both among students and among teachers throughout Greece. As a result, many schools were closed before they could reopen. In particular, 44 schools and 269 branches of educational institutions were closed. According to piraeuspress.gr, at the 3rd Lyceum of Kifissia, two students tested positive for self-examination, and […]

Pilot opening of road borders in Promahonas and Nymphaea

A ministerial decree was published today, which refers to the pilot opening of road borders at the border crossings of Promachonas and Nymphea (Greece). In Nymphaea, the road remained closed to the passage of private cars during the previous months. And only commercial trucks could cross the border unhindered. To date, by the decision of […]

Entry to Greece for citizens of the EU and 5 other countries

Citizens of EU member states and five other countries will now enter Greece without the mandatory 7-day quarantine by presenting a negative PCR test for coronavirus or a vaccination certificate before departure. According to the official statement of the Civil Aviation Authority (ΥΠΑ), changes (additions) to the rules for domestic / international flights of Covid-19 […]

Self-assessment is mandatory in other sectors as well: which employees will be “next”

The compulsory self-examination introduced in educational institutions by the Greek authorities will be expanded. Mandatory self-tests for retailers, delivery workers, bus drivers and supermarket personnel are expected to be announced as soon as possible, today or no later than tomorrow. The government is focused on applying the same tactics to the above categories, that is, […]

A trip to the village for Easter with a self test

Epidemiologists intend to open the “window” at Easter, that is, to allow the country’s residents to go to their parental homes, to the village. And if they finally decide that it is safe against the coronavirus, then moving outside the prefecture by car and possibly even by ferries (visiting the islands) will become possible. If […]

How to conduct a self test: step by step instructions

In a few days, a large-scale self-testing project will start, which, according to the estimates of the Greek authorities and the Commission of Epidemiologists, will significantly improve the detection of coronavirus cases and will gradually lift quarantine measures. According to the government’s plan, the self test program will start on April 5. During its validity, […]

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