Thessaloniki: increased traffic in banks, police checks in stores

For the residents of Thessaloniki, “another Monday has come,” since it was the first day since which new measures were introduced for the operation of trade, shops and various services. According to, most citizens were informed about the new measures and had the necessary certificates with them (coronavirus test results or certificates). In general, […]

Young people under 18 will be able to visit semi-open mixed rooms with a self test

A new element of the decree of the authorities on the regulations that must be observed by citizens during the coronavirus pandemic has been announced. It is expected that the measures will be clarified today, which will take effect from tomorrow Saturday, November 6, and will relate to the obligation of unvaccinated citizens to present […]

New measures: visits to hairdressers and beauty salons

The authorities are appealing to clients of hairdressing and manicure and pedicure salons with an explanation that, in connection with the change in measures to combat the coronavirus, this will change. According to the “Government Bulletin”, in addition to changes in the sanitary protocol concerning supermarkets and retail trade, the limit has changed in hairdressing […]

The trick of the unvaccinated to enter gated entertainment venues

The government’s tactic of shifting responsibility for covid protocol compliance to entrepreneurs and staff appears to have failed miserably. The government has given the green light to reopening entertainment venues despite warnings from experts about the increased risk of indoor transmission, even for those vaccinated. Bars, clubs and bouzoukas opened their doors again, happily receiving […]

Passion for covid: green light – you can go to the toilet

Governments no longer know what to come up with as new measures to better fight the coronavirus in everyday life. Spain is a European country in which the number of vaccinated people looks just wonderful – 80.84%, and fully vaccinated – 78.96%. And this despite the fact that the country’s population is 48 million 778 […]

First weekend "no measures": the police were knocked off their feet

The pouring rain has driven millions of hangouts this Saturday and Sunday evenings into indoor spaces: leisure centers and cafes. At the same time, almost everywhere no one complied with the measures of the new protocol on coronavirus. The police, in turn, say the authorities have carried out 100,593 inspections across the country. However, the […]

Visit to the dentist for vaccinated – no express test

It is expected that the government’s decision regarding the timetable for citizens’ visits to the dentist will change again. Without a rapid test, fully vaccinated individuals will be able to visit the dentist. The Greek Ministry of Health is obliged to provide a negative test result for Covid-19 for both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. The […]

Coronavirus: monitoring compliance with the introduced measures in public catering facilities

The government intends to impose strict control over the implementation of the new measures, based on which all visitors to indoor premises – cafeterias, restaurants, clubs – must present a vaccination certificate or a certificate of a past illness along with an identity card to exclude the possibility of the spread of a dangerous virus. […]

What to do unvaccinated from September 13, if they are going to travel

From Monday, September 13, the new travel regulations for continental and island destinations will come into force: by plane, train and intercity buses. Boarding of unvaccinated passengers 12 years of age and older on airplanes, trains and KTELs is allowed if passengers have a negative PCR test for coronavirus taken 72 hours before their scheduled […]

EKPA expert: how much the mask protects against coronavirus

The importance of mask use in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and public awareness has been demonstrated in the largest real-world study recently published. The study systematically examined whether mask use helps slow the spread of COVID-19 in society. Two important findings are that mask use significantly reduces symptoms of COVID-19 infection, especially among […]