Experts propose to let in city transport with tests, as is done in Germany

The head of the 2nd intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital, Nikos Karavelos, said that after the second wave of the pandemic, when the regular operations required for patients with other diseases were postponed, when the lists were updated, it turned out that many did not survive. “Many have died while awaiting surgery. Those […]

Two scenarios for the development of a pandemic: how many cases there will be during the holidays

Two scenarios for the development of a coronavirus pandemic in the country were presented today by professor of pulmonology Nikos Tsanakis. Speaking on the Κοινωνία Ώρα Mega program, the expert emphasized that Crete is in a better epidemiological position than the national average due to its geographic location. Tsanakis: optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for the […]

Stores: New opening hours during the holiday season due to the pandemic

In connection with the pandemic on the eve of the holidays, stores will change their working hours. They will be open from 10 am to 9 pm Monday (11/22). The decision was made, as announced by Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, Secretary General of Trade of the Ministry of Development and Investments, in order to avoid overcrowding in […]

21,000 unvaccinated employees work without a rapid test

About 21,000 employees who were not vaccinated and did not pass the required number of rapid tests as they should have been identified by the monitoring mechanisms of the system Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Social Solidarity “ΕΡΓΑΝΗ” According to the website, these data appeared after a corresponding verification of the applications of […]

Greece entered the top 10 countries of greatest concern due to the pandemic

Greece is among the top ten countries of very serious concern, according to the ECDC’s weekly report, which provides an overview of the epidemiological situation in connection with the pandemic. The report presents data for the 44th week (which ended on Sunday 7 November 2021). Along with our country in a tragic situation are: Belgium, […]

New measures: regarding convenience stores, bakeries and butchers

The new rules for visiting outlets apply from this Saturday, November 13, and apply to supermarkets, bakeries, mini-markets and butcher’s (fish) shops. The measures, which have already begun, do not significantly change the visits to the aforementioned stores, with the exception of limiting the number of people who can be in the trading floor at […]

Restrictions on admission to supermarkets from November 13

Restrictions to avoid overcrowding and to combat the spread of coronavirus indoors are returning to supermarkets in Greece and grocery stores on Saturday 13 November 2021. From Saturday, fewer people will be allowed to be in supermarkets at the same time, as the rule returns the 1 person per 9 sqm rate, which was canceled […]

The unvaccinated will be allowed to enter the supermarket only with a rapid test

The next week promises to be difficult, as, according to the latest information, the government is expected to announce new restrictive measures that will affect the unvaccinated. Yannis Ikonomou said that “the vaccinated will no longer be subject to significant restrictions.” Therefore, for the unvaccinated, the “living space” is increasingly narrowing. According to the information, […]

Anti-Taxer father banned children from going to school because he is against the mask and self-test

The intervention of the Serres prosecutor’s office was provoked by the actions of the head of a large family in Alistrati, who refuses to send his children to school due to measures to combat the coronavirus. According to the ERT Serres channel, the prosecutor ordered the social authorities to establish the conditions in which children […]

Take away security: no certificate required from clients

Clarifications about take away food were made by ΓΣΕΒΕΕ President Georgios Kavwafis, who noted that, according to the new measures, in this case, coronavirus tests are not carried out. The misinformation of some of the companies in the spotlight regarding the response to the pandemic seems to create unnecessary problems for store owners and customers. […]