Consequences of “light” coronavirus

Mild forms of coronavirus are often fraught with serious consequences – they provoke inflammation of the brain. This conclusion was reached by scientists at Tulane University (USA), who conducted a large-scale study on monkeys. According to them, COVID-19 can provoke the appearance of a large number of inflammatory foci and hemorrhages. Writes about it BB.LVreferring […]

A new symptom of the Omicron strain, and why amputation happens after COVID-19

Allergist-immunologist Vladimir Bolibok spoke about the symptom of omicron, annoying with severe pain. This is hyperesthesia, when everything hurts … In a conversation with the portal, as he says RIA Newsthe doctor reported the appearance of hyperesthesia in patients with omicron: “Patients began to complain about such a symptom in the” omicron “as hyperesthesia, […]

The consequences of lockdowns for children – shocking facts

The negative effects of the isolation associated with the pandemic are backed by scientific research. They are especially tragic for children. The shocking results of a study by German scientists: the number of suicide attempts among children and adolescents, during the second isolation in Germany, has tripled! The findings of another study are even more […]

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