Expert: "We failed coronavirus vaccination, tightening of measures is coming"

The assessment that something went wrong in the development of the coronavirus vaccination program was made by the president of the Association of Doctors of Athens and Piraeus, Matina Pagoni. Speaking on the Open Channel, Ms Pagoni said there will be changes to new measures for the vaccinated and unvaccinated, especially for children. Speaking about […]

“Bomb” from luminaries: two doses of vaccine are not enough to build herd immunity

Currently, the medical scientific community considers the necessary 3rd dose of the vaccine, which will first need to be given to the elderly and vulnerable groups in Greece. The chances that a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine will be required, especially for certain populations, are increasing, experts say. With their public statements, scientists confirm […]

The scenario for August is disappointing

The scenarios for August and the coronavirus cases that experts are anticipating after the country’s spike in infection are nightmares. “In August, we may have 3,000 cases of coronavirus per day in the most favorable scenario, 4,000 cases in the most likely and even 6,000 in the worst-case scenario,” Pulmonology professor Nikos Tsanakis warned on […]

From July 15, new measures: who and what will be allowed, and who will not

The way to a normal rhythm of life lies through vaccination, after the creation of herd immunity. If until yesterday this seemed theoretical to many, then after the statements of the Minister of State Georgios Gerapetritis and the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis it entered our reality, having a significant impact on the social life […]

Expert: herd immunity since September

US National Cancer Institute researcher George Pavlakis, speaking Friday June 11 on SKAI TV, talked about the formation of herd immunity in about three months, starting in September. “Vaccinated people have tremendous, but not absolute, protection,” he said, citing the risk of what happened in Singapore ahead of the holiday season. In particular, Mr. Pavlakis […]

Nikos Tsanakis: “In July, 50% of the population will have immunity”

According to experts, immunity will be achieved in 50% of the country’s population in July, given that vaccination will continue at a stable pace. According to Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, “herd immunity will be created by vaccination of adults, so vaccination should not be postponed” until later. “ Regarding […]

Expert: “No matter how much you have to pay for relaxation on Easter”

The expert, scientist at the US National Institute, Georgios Pavlakis, described the situation with the coronavirus as “declining”, stressing that “he very much hopes that this summer we will not have to regret being too relaxed during our Easter holidays.” “The situation will improve. We will cope with the epidemic in the near future, “he […]

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