Halloumi is not just cheese, it is a symbol of Cyprus, its unity and division

It is possible that the delicate and delicious-tasting halloumi cheese (χαλούμι) is able to resolve a long-term geopolitical conflict. Marinos Kapsis, the owner of the Nicosian restaurant “And standing tu Dimitri” (Portico of Dimitri), says: “Halloumi is a very special product. Unlike other cheeses, it can be boiled, fried and grilled. You can also eat […]

Feta and yoghurt appealed to the Dutch

For the Netherlands, the most important imported Greek dairy products are feta and yoghurt. It is noted that the Netherlands is an important partner of Greece in this direction. Other types of cheese imported from Greece to the Netherlands, besides feta, are kefalothiri, gouda, cephalograviera and casseri. According to the TradeMap database, the Netherlands was […]

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