British refugees sent to Rwanda

Priti Patel, British Home Secretary, commenting on the government’s decision to send illegal migrants to Rwanda, says: “There are no other options.” She laments that no one can offer worthy alternatives, and assures that the process will be carried out under strict control and at the expense of London: “Our government, together with partners in […]

Britain buys Soviet weapons around the world

The UK is buying Soviet and Russian-made defense equipment to provide it as aid to the Ukrainians. This was stated by the Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, according to the Wall Street Jornal. The search is conducted by most of the British defense establishment and military attaches around the world. Similar […]

Daily Mail: Biden won’t give up Russian oil

The White House is against a total ban on oil imports from Russia, Jen Psaki said. Readers of the Daily Mail were outraged by this statement. One of them accuses America of hypocrisy, others of indifference to the American people. The White House does not support a ban on Russian oil imports, according to spokeswoman […]

Scientists from the UK have established the impact of the pandemic on porn viewing

During the pandemic, quarantine in the UK has increased the number of fans to watch pornography and masturbate. A study on this topic was conducted by scientists from Bournemouth University, and their opus was published in the journal Sexual Medicine. A month after the start of the pandemic and the introduction of quarantine, scientists interviewed […]

Secret refugee camps on the African continent – what’s happening on the migrant front

Fearing a new crisis associated with illegal immigrants, European countries are beginning to “tighten the screws” as much as possible. And here the arguments about human rights are shyly receding into the background. The summer of 2021, as predicted by experts, caused an extraordinary influx of illegal migrants to Europe. Every day there are reports […]

The Times: Germany wants to ban British tourists from entering the EU

Germany will try to ban British travelers from entering the European Union regardless of whether they have had the Covid-19 vaccine, The Times reported on Monday. The German Chancellor wants to designate the UK as a “country of concern” because Delta strain the coronavirus is so widespread there, the newspaper writes. The plans will be […]

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