Fighting again between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Fighting began again between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Both sides announced major provocations and shelling. The Azerbaijani authorities claim that Armenia has launched large-scale provocations against the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. As a result, Azerbaijani military personnel are conducting intense fire on the positions of Armenia. The Armenian media say that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are active […]

Turkey behaves as Russia allows it

Turkey annually strengthens its position in the South Caucasus and already dominates in the region, political scientist Alexander Zhilin told Iravunk. In many ways, this is the result of Erdogan’s thoughtful policy, but this is not the only thing, the expert believes. The interlocutor of the Iravunk media holding is a military expert, a retired […]

New escalation in Karabakh

A new aggravation of the situation began on the territory of Karabakh. Both sides confirm that the Azerbaijani side managed to take the height and the village, which, according to words The Armenian Foreign Ministry are in the zone of responsibility of Russian peacekeepers. The Russian Federation sent peacekeepers to Karabakh after the 44-day war. […]

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