Tragedy in Lamia: a woman’s heart broke when she found out that her house was put up for auction

The local population in Lamia is shocked to learn that a 56-year-old woman has collapsed after being told to vacate her house, which is up for auction. Her heart broke when she learned about the “forced eviction” from the house, while it is worth noting that this first residence, and she allegedly previously had heart […]

An old woman who lost her house, put up for auction, died unable to bear the grief

A 70-year-old elderly woman from Kalamata tragically died shortly after she lost her house, which “went under the hammer.” According to her close relatives, the auction made the old woman homeless. Her suffering was such that it eventually led to her death, her son claims. As writes a woman in recent years faced unbearable […]

Debtor households application platform launched

The Greek authorities announced the opening of an electronic application platform for over-indebted households to avoid an auction for the sale of the first home of low-income families. Yesterday, the platform of the Special Secretariat for Private Debt (Ειδικής Γραμματείας Ιδιωτικού Χρέους) was opened, where vulnerable households wishing to protect their first home can apply […]

Ministry of Finance is working on a plan to protect the main housing of debtors

Greece’s finance ministry is working on a plan to protect the primary residence of households deemed financially vulnerable, ahead of the resumption of auctions in early June. The plan stipulates that the state will subsidize mortgage tranches in accordance with protection principles that will apply once the state-owned property acquisition agency is operational. The goal […]

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