Terrorism suspect arrested in Thessaloniki

46-year-old man arrested on Monday in Thessaloniki for participation in a terrorist group “Revolutionary self-defense”related to attacks on PASOK and the Mexican and French embassies. The man, recognizable only by his initials (D.Ch.), was detained by the anti-terrorist service and the DIAS team shortly after the robbery with a Kalashnikov assault rifle of an Alfa […]

Ukrainian woman who felt sorry for the leader of Chrissi Avgi received a 30 month sentence

52-year-old Ukrainian woman, in whose house was arrested Christos Pappas, convicted in absentia of the Christi Avgi (Golden Dawn) party, was sentenced to imprisonment for 30 months. Hristos Pappas, deputy leader of the Greek ultra-right party “Golden Dawn”, who has been on the wanted list since October arrested in the Athenian district Zografu in the […]

Priest arrested for killing a kitten

Police arrested an 88-year-old priest for killing a kitten with a metal stick and throwing it into a trash can. Upon learning of the severity of the charges, the elderly man nearly died himself. An 88-year-old man, a former parish priest in the city of Volos, has been charged with a criminal offense and fined […]

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