Arrested for singing

A violent reaction was caused by the arrest of a woman in Rhodes by police for the fact that she … sang in the street! “Congratulations, the crime has been solved!” the singer shouted, supported by passers-by who watched the unprecedented scene. A video uploaded to TikTok shows the Rhodes police arresting a woman because, […]

Arrest of MEP Yannis Lagos

MEP Yannis Lagos was arrested today by Interpol officials at his home in Brussels. A European arrest warrant has been issued against Lagos. The deputy is currently in a Belgian pre-trial detention center. A court decision on his extradition to Greece must be made within 48 hours. Yiannis Lagos was sentenced to 13 years in […]

Fake athletes arrested at Athens international airport

The Greek police detained 9 Syrian migrants who, under the guise of volleyball team players, according to their statement, tried to leave on the night of March 30-31 from Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” to Vienna. The team of “athletes” was spotted by the security department of the Athens Airport Police Department. After verification of […]

Arrest of three criminal groups involved in burglary

Three gangs, whose members were involved in robberies and burglaries in various areas of Etholoacarnania, were eliminated by Greek law enforcement agencies (Agrinio department). A total of seven people were arrested. As part of the operational activities, two robberies and 39 cases of thefts were investigated. The illicit enrichment of criminals, according to the police, […]

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