Arkalohori shakes all night

Intense seismic activity in Arkalohori is observed throughout the night from Tuesday to today. The strongest push was 4.3 on the Richter scale. Shortly before midnight, at 11:15 am, the first earthquake with a magnitude of 3.4 was recorded. Then there were three more tremors. The power of the latter, at 5:44 am, was 4.3 […]

Priest condemns “garbage donation” to earthquake victims in Crete

An archimandrite from Heraklio in Crete condemned the donation of “garbage” to the victims of the Arkalohori earthquake on September 27th. Achimandrite Agatagellos Yiannakaris wrote on his social media account that donations from people from different parts of the country included “dirty linen, ruined sheets, wedding dresses and even carnival costumes.” Donations that parishioners brought […]

Why was there so much destruction in Crete

One of the reasons for such great destruction in the Arkalohori area, after an earthquake with a magnitude 6 points, which occurred on September 27, 2021, is called a large number of housing built before the introduction of anti-seismic building regulations. According to the latest inventory carried out under the National Earthquake Protection Program for […]

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