Subsidy for electrical appliances: the replacement of the air conditioner turned into "Calvary"

Applications for the new appliance subsidy program, which provides vouchers for replacement refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, are expected to begin in June. However, there is an obstacle that citizens must overcome in order to receive the long-awaited voucher. Thousands of consumers are waiting for the opening of an electronic platform through which they can […]

Rising energy prices: will air conditioners be banned?

The Greek government is developing an energy saving plan for the summer and next winter, with restrictions on the use of air conditioners likely to be imposed. The government is intervening to save energy for the summer and next winter, following the model of other European countries such as Italy. According to ΝΕΩΝ, this is […]

How to keep pets out of the heat

Due to the hot wave that swept the country, when the air temperature in the city reached + 42 ° C in places, our four-legged friends may find themselves in difficult conditions. All of them suffer more from the heat due to their fur coat. Speaking with ERT, veterinarian Stefanos Batsas emphasized the importance of […]

The fan can become dangerous

Experts warn that in extreme heat the fan can pose a health hazard. Yulia Kochanova, therapist of the Federal Research Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, talked with representatives of the “Doctor Peter” publication. It was about how to protect yourself from the heat […]

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