Dramatic spike in vaccination records

Kyriakos Pierrakakis said on Monday that some 557,000 people made an appointment for a Covid-19 booster shot from Friday to Sunday after authorities announced the emergence of the Omicron strain. Also from Monday started giveaway tests in Greece for self-examination. Adult citizens, vaccinated and unvaccinated, who have an AMKA, PAYPAA or PAMKA social security number, […]

Mina Gaga – 4th wave: "We will choose who lives and who dies"

Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga has publicly admitted that the Greek public health system is not ready for fourth wave pandemics. She announced that it may soon require “triage” of patients for treatment in the intensive care units of public hospitals. “If the number of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and intubated patients in intensive care […]

The fourth wave of Covid-19 is “inevitable” – said a spokesman for the Greek Ministry of Health

A fourth wave of Covid-19 infections in Greece is “imminent,” a health ministry official said Thursday, as the country grapples with a new rise in the number of cases. Asked why the government recently lifted additional restrictions on health given the looming increase in the number of new cases, the secretary general of the Ministry […]

The scenario for August is disappointing

The scenarios for August and the coronavirus cases that experts are anticipating after the country’s spike in infection are nightmares. “In August, we may have 3,000 cases of coronavirus per day in the most favorable scenario, 4,000 cases in the most likely and even 6,000 in the worst-case scenario,” Pulmonology professor Nikos Tsanakis warned on […]

Expert: up to 266% increase in the number of cases in the last week

According to Gikas Mallorkinis, there was a significant increase in coronavirus cases last week, reaching 266%. There was a 266% increase over the previous week, said Gikas Majorkinis, Associate Professor at the Department of Epidemiology and Member of the Expert Committee, in a Facebook post. He notes that “there is no doubt that in recent […]

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