Shopping trip limit: 2 km to supermarkets, 3 hours to manufactured goods stores

Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection Panagiotis Stampoulidis announced today that the retail trade will open from Monday 5 April. With regard to the shopping process, it is noted that citizens must first make an appointment to make a visit to the store and receive a confirmation message from the outlet. In this case, […]

Schools will open on April 12

“April 12 is the likely date for the opening of schools, with the use of self test and all other measures of protection against cornavirus,” Deputy Education Minister Zetta Macri said today. “Our task is to open all levels of education. However, infectious disease experts recommend a gradual return to regular training, ”Ms Macri added […]

Warm days: temperatures rise this weekend

According to the latest forecast data from the National Observatory of Athens, significant warming is expected in the next two days. Reportedly, the maximum air temperature at noon on Saturday 03/04 will be on average 7-9 degrees higher compared to the maximum temperature on Thursday 01/04. While in Attica, Boeotia and Evia, the temperature rise […]

Tragedy in Evia: 3 killed 1 wounded

The tragedy took place on Wednesday afternoon in the area of ​​Gymnos in the municipality of Eretria in Evia. A team of electricians who cooperated with ΔΕΔΔΗΕ performed work on power poles. Due to the cable hitting the line, they received an electric shock, as a result of which 3 people died immediately. Another person, […]

“Pleasant with useful” on the “all inclusive” system: from Turkey to Russia for vaccination

A journalist from Turkey told RIA Novosti about the “vaccine” tours that are gaining momentum in popularity and demand. Hurriyet journalist Burak Joshan introduced the journalists RIA News with the nuances of a trip to Russia for vaccination. Against the background of queues of people wishing to be vaccinated in some European countries, such a […]

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