Social tourism: the final results

The final lists of beneficiaries and providers of accommodation and ferry tickets for tourists, as well as those excluded from the social tourism program for 2021-2022, were published today, Thursday, 22/07/21. As mentioned in the OAED post, the tables are posted on the page… The process of participating in the free vacation program is […]

Shocking statement by an astrologer about the death of Caroline

The famous Greek astrologer, teleperson Litsa Pater made a statement that shocked the public: “I saw Caroline’s astrological chart … Wherever she was, a similar ending awaited her.” That is, the death of a 20-year-old young mother was predetermined. The astrologer’s statement spread on social media and sparked controversy. Pater’s face gave her own explanation […]

Demonstration against compulsory vaccination on Syntagma

The anti-vaccine rally took place on 21/07 at 18:30 in the center of Athens, in front of the parliament building. About 1,500 protesters occupied the square in front of the Unknown Soldier on Syntagma. Some were holding Greek flags and a banner with the slogan: “No vaccination is compulsory.” Among the demonstrators one could see […]

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