Expert: which of the vaccinated has the same chance of contracting coronavirus as the unvaccinated

Athanasios Tsakris, professor of microbiology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), said that four months after the second dose of the vaccine, antibodies drop, leaving people with almost the same chance of getting covid as the unvaccinated. A new possible wave of a pandemic after the holidays is warned by a professor commenting […]

For the first time, a drug from monoclonal antibodies was prescribed to a sick pregnant woman

The first case of the use of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of coronavirus in a woman who is in the third trimester of pregnancy was carried out at the Serres hospital. Director of the medical service and obstetrician Dimitris Balaxis announced this during a press conference. To carry out the procedure for the introduction […]

New Household Assistance Measures and Income Criteria Electricity Bill Subsidies

Finance Minister Christos Staikuras has announced a package of combined measures that will help households and businesses cope with widespread price increases in the next period. In particular, new measures are coming to assist households and the distribution of subsidies to electricity bills, taking into account the criteria of income. The Ministry of Finance, together […]

Victory Museum presented in Athens

Within the framework of the Days of Spiritual Culture of Russia, the Victory Museum was presented in the Greek capital. His representative took part in the discussion “Russia and Greece’s struggle for independence.” Speaking to leading cultural figures, historians, heads of leading specialized cultural institutions of Greece and Russia, a museum employee spoke about the […]

New profession – “receiving” vaccinations

While working out the remuneration, the man received … 10 coronavirus vaccinations in one day, under different names, according to the New Zealand Herald. And all for the sake of money – those unwilling to get vaccinated paid him to get a certificate. The incident has caused serious concern among New Zealand health authorities, which […]

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