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Ukrainian woman dies in incident at AEGEAN600 sailing race

A 40-year-old Ukrainian woman with French citizenship died after falling overboard during the AEGEAN600 international sailing race, which took place in the northwest of Kasos Island.

At the time of the incident, strong winds were blowing in the area, reaching speeds of up to 60 km per hour, and the height of the waves reached 2 meters, they report. mass media. According to the Greek coast guard, the accident occurred on Monday evening when Anna Konodchuk and her colleague, a 36-year-old Ukrainian, fell from the deck of a Spanish-flagged sailboat during the race. They were pulled from the water by the other seven crew members, but the woman was already unconscious, while her compatriot was in good health.

The port authorities were immediately informed, a coast guard rescue vessel went out to sea and found the sailboat. It took it to Kasos Island, where a doctor from the Kasos Medical Center pronounced the woman dead.


According to the information, the deceased's name is Anna Konodchuk, she was a member of the crew of the vessel Pogo 44 Heaven.

In a very short statement AEGEAN600 organizers The woman suffered a head injury. Her body will be handed over to the Rhodes Coroner's Office for an autopsy while the Kasos port authorities conduct a preliminary investigation. According to media reports, authorities are investigating whether safety regulations were followed.

In an interview with Mega TV Live News, Nikos Karageorgiou, former president of Piraeus Sailing CLub, said that both athletes were not tied to deck harnesses, which is why they fell into the water. The man managed to swim away from the boat, but the woman was not so lucky.

The start of the race was given, as every year, symbolically, from the sea area of ​​the Temple of Poseidon in Attica, and the finish after passing the route of 600 nautical miles is at the same starting point after passing through 13 Greek islands.

The race started on July 7 and is expected to last six days. This year, 69 boats from 25 countries are taking part in the AEGEAN600 race.

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