July 20, 2024

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"It's not a 6-day workweek. It's 5+1 extra days."- says the Greek minister

The 6-day workweek messages are “fake news“Labour Minister Niki Kerameos said on Friday.

“The 5-day week rule is not changing at all, it is just that in exceptional cases the possibility of one day of emergency work is provided.” This statement by the minister, which defies all logic and common sense, was made after even the international media, with complete irony, criticized the fact that while European countries are switching to a 4-day week, Greece is increasing the working week to six days.

In an interview with the state broadcaster ERT The Minister of Labour and Social Security stressed that the established possibility of four-day work, as well as other flexible forms of work for workers, remain in force.

She reiterated that the “5+1” measure only applies to enterprises with a continuous operating mode, such as factories with continuous production, rotating shifts and where there is a shortage of the necessary human resources: “6 days – what would that mean? That each worker would have 6 days instead of 5 days? That's not true,” she emphasized and noted that “all insurance policies are fully valid”.

“Daily rest and mandatory weekly rest, as well as how many hours in total you can work over four months, are also mandatory. So all the guarantees are there,” – she added.

She further noted that “In most European countries there is the possibility of an extra working day. So Greece is not doing anything special. Moreover, it has already been adapted to a more flexible format.”

Regarding the extension of this measure to tourism and catering, she stressed that before this, a very detailed dialogue would be held with all the bodies of the specific sectors, and regarding compliance with labour legislation, she stressed that fines amounting to more than 40 million euros per year are currently collected as a result of controls carried out by the labour inspectorate.

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