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Hospital hit "Okhmatdet": experts have reached a verdict

Experts have identified more than 30 parts and fragments of the missile that was launched on July 8 at the Okhmatdet children's specialized hospital in the Ukrainian capital.

Specialists of the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise Ministry of Justice identified the fragments of the X-101 missile. The Ministry of Justice notes that KNIISE specialists worked on the territory of the National Children's Specialized Hospital of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “Okhmatdet” from July 8 to 9 to promptly identify the weapons used. The following fragments and parts were identified:

  • part of the steering drive with fragments of the rocket wing console spar;
  • fragments of the tail section with parts of aerodynamic control surfaces;
  • engine fragment;
  • fragments of the outer skin of the engine with parts of the serial number and production number of the engine.
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Based on the video of the missile hitting the Okhmatdet children's hospital, which is available to KNIISE experts, an approximate calculation of the cruise missile's size was made – 7.5 meters. Deputy Minister of Justice Andrey Gaichenko stated, as quoted by “UP”

“Specific engineering and design features of the found debris and the corresponding typical markings indicate the use by the Russian Armed Forces of a strategic air-launched cruise missile of the Kh-101 type. Its length is 7.5 m, the warhead is about 400 kg, the maximum speed is 720 km/h, and the flight range is up to 5000 km.”

The majority of participants in an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, July 9, sharply condemned the Russian missile strike on Kyiv, which also hit the Okhmatdet children's hospital, and criticized Moscow, which tried to shift responsibility for the strike to Ukraine. Acting UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Joyce Msuya said:

“The deliberate attack on a hospital is a war crime and those responsible must be held accountable. These incidents are part of a deeply disturbing pattern of systemic attackscausing damage to healthcare and other civilian infrastructure throughout Ukraine.”

“We are here today because Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, the current chairman of the Security Council, attacked a children's hospital, and I get goosebumps even when I say that phrase.”“We are not talking about the attacks,” said Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US permanent representative to the UN. Barbara Woodward of the UK added that Russia's attacks were “a disgrace to the Security Council.” The French representative called the attack on the Okhmatdet hospital “another entry in the list of war crimes” for which Russia should be held accountable.

The United24 and monobank fundraiser for Okhmatdet, which started on Monday, is closed: UAH 300 million has been collected, which is three times more than the initial target amount. This was reported by the press service of the United24 platform. “More than 320,000 people from 55 countries, as well as a large number of companies, have joined the fundraiser,” the statement said.

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