July 19, 2024

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Fake Metro and Bus Ticket Scams – What to Look Out For

The Athens Metropolitan Transport Authority has issued a statement to the travelling public as misleading material is being circulated on social media in which scammers are attempting to deceive interested parties by “selling” non-existent monthly passes.

In particular OAS once again draws passengers' attention to an attempt at fraud on social networks using fake accounts that illegally use the organization's brand. Recently, misleading posts with the OASA logo have been appearing constantly, urging unsuspecting citizens to receive free 12-month ATH.ENA cardby clicking on a “fake” digital link.

Visiting these links may result in malicious activities such as revealing sensitive personal information and security codes when sending money for a supposed purchase.

OASA has already taken all necessary steps to stop these publications, informing the competent authorities. It is especially emphasized that the fake accounts on social networks have real characteristics (the name OASA and the logo of the ATH.ENA card).


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