July 20, 2024

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The murder of Georgios Karaivaz: what they are looking for in the bank accounts of the two killers

The declassification of the bank deposits of two defendants in custody for the murder of journalist Georgios Karaivaz may provide a clue for investigators in their search for the mastermind behind the murder of a famous Greek journalist.

According to authorities who are trying to trace the organizer, that is, the one who gave the order to murder of Karaivaz, are studying the bank accounts of two brothers in prison, since there is an amount with six zeros there, the origin of which the brothers do not have any clear explanations for. In fact, the judicial authorities ordered a preliminary investigation to find out who ordered the murder, not excluding the possibility that it was not one person, but two.

And while tomorrow, Wednesday (26/6), the trial of the two accused, who, according to the materials of the homicide department, were the executioners of the journalist, will begin, the authorities are looking for sources of money, and it is possible that they may seek help for this purpose from the banking system of other European countries.

Arrests two killers were carried out in May 2023, two years after the murder of the journalist, after analyzing video recordings and recording telephone conversations. However, both detainees deny their involvement.

Authorities are investigating Greek mafia and those revelations that the journalist was preparing to make.

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