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Eurostat on the highest prices in European countries

Eurostat reported that the highest prices in Europe are in countries with a high standard of living. Some European countries experience significantly lower prices for goods and services needed to serve households.

The highest prices recorded in Denmark. In this country, the level is 143% higher than the eurozone average. Such data for 2023 June 20 made public Eurostat experts.

They noted that a little it is cheaper to have housing in Ireland and Luxembourg – these countries have almost the same level of prices for goods and services necessary for life: in Ireland 142% and Luxembourg 135% of the average European household expenditure. The lowest rates were recorded in Bulgaria and Romania – 60% of the average, and in Poland – 66%.

Eurostat notes that in the countries of the European Union there are different prices for the same goods. One of the largest price gaps is demonstrated by the cost of alcohol and tobacco prices, for example:

  • in 2023, prices for alcohol and tobacco products in Ireland were 3.2 times higher than in Bulgaria;
  • Statistics record the lowest prices for alcohol and tobacco in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania;
  • The most expensive places to buy alcohol and tobacco products are in Ireland, Finland and Denmark.”

This price difference is mainly due to different tax laws.

Eurostat notes that the most expensive hotels in Europe in Denmark, Finland and Irelandand the cheapest way is to rent a room and eat in a restaurant – in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary.

Cheap clothes can be purchased in Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary. The most expensive clothes are in Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Purchasing household appliances is the cheapest in Italyand the most expensive is in France.

Meanwhile, the energy crisis, experts believe, by the end of summer will lead to an increase in grocery prices by up to 15%, and for dairy products by up to 30%.

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