July 19, 2024

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China and US agree on rules for war over Taiwan

China and the United States are agreeing on the terms of a future war over Taiwan. It sounds, of course, phantasmagorical, but that’s how it is.

According to information ReutersDuring recent talks, US officials expressed concern to the Chinese delegation that China could use or threaten to use nuclear weapons if it faces defeat in a conflict over Taiwan. The Chinese side responded by telling the American side that they were absolutely convinced that they were capable of winning a conventional fight over Taiwan and their allies without the use of nuclear weapons, so they were not going to threaten, let alone use, them.

The Pentagon believes the same and is confident that China may well use nuclear weapons if it suffers a military defeat with conventional weapons in Taiwan, which will threaten the power of the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, both delegations intend to continue negotiations on this issue next year.

This is what a constructive attitude means. Both sides are absolutely confident of their victory in the event of war and do not even think about defeat. However, one of them will definitely lose. Either China won't take Taiwan or the US won't be able to hold it. Well, then, depending on your luck. After all, the bitterness of defeat, which replaces high expectations, can provoke any, even the most irresponsible, actions.

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