July 20, 2024

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Video from "Kabul" metro: hundreds of Afghans "sing" on escalators

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Following The video was filmed not in Kabul, but in the Athens metro. And this is a typical indicator that the country’s capital is essentially “lost” not only through the fault of the current government, but also of all previous Greek governments.

The video shows dozens of migrants from Muslim countries making their presence known… by chanting as astonished Greek citizens look on.

Migrants chant together in rhythm, trying to create the impression that the city belongs to them, and this is at the height of the tourist season. That was, after all, the purpose of this “performance.” They knew it would be immediately broadcast on social media.

It is very bad when millions of people from all over the world come and, returning home, say that the capital of Greece is no longer Christian, but Muslim! If you look closely at the video, you will notice that the crowd of passengers on the metro escalators, who looked in amazement at what was happening, also consisted mainly of foreigners.

And all this is happening in a country where the indigenous people have stopped giving birth and starting families. The globalist policies forcibly imposed on Greece are leading the country nowhere…

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