July 19, 2024

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The Turkish mafia is gradually taking control of Thrace

Turkish mafiosi (or asylum seekers or tourists), according to the Greek government, are now moving into other dimensions, as after the easing of borders they move almost freely through Evros to “organize” their “business” in Greece.

And these movements have increased both because of the ease of crossing the border as asylum seekers across the river, and simply because visas have become very easy to obtain and they cross the border without any problems.

The fact is that the Turkish mafia and MIT work closely with each other, since they are the “leading force” of Turkey when it wants to achieve something, because the mafias are always used by the secret services of states.

Let's remember historically “bloodless” the occupation of Sicily by the Anglo-Americans in 1943, only because the US government collaborated with mafia boss Lucky Luciano in carrying out the operation “Underworld”in which the US used the connections of American mafiosi in their hometown of Sicily to better prepare for the invasion of the Italian peninsula in 1943.

Today the Turkish mafiosi exploiting illegal immigrants, Muslims of Thrace and the Turkish Bulgarian mafia, from almost 1,000,000 Turkish citizens of Bulgaria who are citizens EUcross the Greek-Bulgarian border without any problems.

Behind the purchase of real estate, trafficking in illegal immigrants and all types of smuggling is the Turkish mafia, which also finds help in the Greeks, who, after the economic crisis, more easily agree to sell something or work for them.

In fact, the ease of transferring property even to Muslims, combined with the huge amounts of money being moved by Turkish mafiosi, has created an extremely difficult situation in Thrace. Recall that after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, governments unofficially imposed restrictions on the sale of real estate, for example, not giving permission (by any means) to buy a house at a crossroads, so as not to control the roads so peripherally (in 4 directions).

The government has noted looser controls on the entry of Turkish citizens and pro-government media complain when they are detained, but illegal immigration remains the biggest scourge. But this means that now we see Turkish mafiosi illegally arriving in Greece via the Evros River, asking for asylum through KYT's Fylakion and remaining free, and then… settling scores among themselves, reports euros-news.gr.

This is a given for a Turk of Kurdish origin, who killed a compatriot in a supermarket in Piraeus about 10 days ago.

Shootout between Kurds in Piraeus.  One person died

The killer crossed the border in February last year from Evros, following the trail of a 23-year-old victim who had been in Greece since September. He killed him and wounded another, claiming that the victim had killed his uncle in Turkey and that they had a disagreement over drug dealing. Thus, it becomes obvious that organized crime groups from Turkey have transferred their “vendetta” to Greece, and who knows what else.

They even do this while passing through Evros. This was the case with two people arrested last February in Chania, who appeared to have arrived in the country in the first ten days of September, crossing the Greek-Turkish border at Evros. That same day, they sought asylum at the Filaki Reception and Identification Center (KYT), saying they were in danger from the regime in Turkey.

They were released, but, at least in this case, they came under the surveillance of the National Intelligence Service and in February last year it was decided that they would be arrested by police from the Chania Security Unit on the morning of Monday 19 February and in the strictest secrecy.

Two young Turks, 22 and 27 years old, stayed in Akrotiri Chania, in a rented ultra-luxury villa on Tersanas beach, a short walk from the airport. For their trips, two Turkish citizens used a Porsche Cayenne, which – according to information from police sources – was confiscated by customs officers in Chania for violating the customs code.

Officials involved in the investigation described the matter as serious, avoiding revealing details of the youths' activities in Crete and Greece in general. Involvement in the trafficking of illegal immigrants was considered as one of the scenarios for their criminal activities, since in recent months Crete and Gavdos have been under strong migration pressure, with ships arriving from the shores of Egypt and Libya.

After the arrest of the young Turks, it turned out that one of them was a member of the Baygaras organized crime group operating in Adana (Turkey) and headed by the wanted Ramazan Baygara. The leader of the criminal organization, put on the international wanted list for its creation, was arrested by Interpol units in Athens on May 15. It turned out that one of the two young people arrested in Chania and who asked for political asylum through the Fylakiou criminal investigation department belonged to his organization.

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