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The most unusual professions in Greece

Finding a job in Greece is not the easiest thing, let alone making a career that reaches your ultimate goal. Despite this, there are many professions in the country that are very popular, but some of them are also extremely unusual.

Divorce planner and ghost hunter are just a few. On the MEGA channel, reporters covered this topic in more detail.

1. Divorce planner

A divorce planner helps divorced people in many ways by taking a holistic approach. Helps fathers who are divorced and do not know how to organize a vacation with their child. When a woman divorces, specialists undertake to move her belongings from the old house to the new one. Divorce planning is not only about practical solutions, it also includes psychological support for the divorced person.

2. “Lotmaker – book of predictions” (“Μοιρολογητής – μοιρολογίστρα”)
Nikos Antonakos-Kassis spoke about his special profession, which can be described as… timeless. “In the old days, men were more serious than women. Today both of them come to me. Interpretation of fate and predictions is a whole theatrical performance that takes the soul out of you, you give it your all. It’s not at all easy to see the future and interpret dreams correctly“, he says.

3. Ghostbuster
“I started ghost hunting after watching some foreign videos. If anyone thinks there is a ghost in their home, please message me on social media or call me. The profile of people who would be called a ghost hunter are religious people who are extremely fond of the paranormal. People who call us into their house to find out if there is a ghost in it are usually middle-aged. I believe that something exists, although I don’t know for sure whether it’s a ghost or some other energy,” says Antonis Skaramangas, speaking about his unusual profession.

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