July 19, 2024

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Comparison of Greece with other EU countries: price level

The most expensive country for dairy products (milk, cheese and eggs) in 2023 was Greece.

According to data on the price level of basic goods and services published by Eurostat, in our country the highest prices are observed in the category of dairy products, at 38% compared to the national average EUdespite government efforts.

Prices for other basic food products, such as oils and fats, bread and cereals, are also higher than the EU average in Greece. For minor goods such as alcoholic drinksour country is 51% higher than the EU average, which is not surprising, since it is due to their always high taxation. Cigarettes and tobacco products sold in Greece at relatively low prices (27.1% below the EU average). Our country remains one of the most expensive countries in the field of telecommunications, but has lower prices for healthcare and education services.

In the ranking, Greece is fourth most expensive country in the oils and fats category with prices 26.3% above the EU average. Consumers in Greece pay more for bread than the EU average. Prices in Greece in 2023 for meat (by 6.3%) and fruits and vegetables (14.1%) settled at below the European average.

Large differences are observed in prices for telecommunications services in Greece, which are 48.6% higher than the European average, and our country ranks second after Belgium. On the other hand, prices for transport services are 14.7% lower than the European average. Food and accommodation remain comparatively cheaperand in 2023 energy prices were also cheaper – 7% compared to the European average.

Price levels for food, beverages and tobacco products vary significantly in EU member countries. In 2023, food and non-alcoholic drink prices in Luxembourg were 19% above the EU average, while in Romania they were 26% below the EU average.

Soft drinks were more expensive in Latvia, 42% above the EU average, and least expensive in Italy, 18% below the EU average.

The price of alcohol in Finland was 102% above the EU average, while in Austria it was 17% below the EU average. For tobacco, the highest prices were observed in Ireland (158% above the EU average) and the lowest were recorded in Bulgaria (51% below).

The highest prices for oils and fats were observed in Switzerland. Norway has the highest price level for fruits, vegetables and potatoes, and Denmark has the highest price level for other food products. North Macedonia had the lowest price levels for oils and fats, while Turkey was the cheapest country for fruits, vegetables, potatoes and other food products.

Among EU member states Malta is the most expensive country for oils and fats, Luxembourg for fruits, vegetables and potatoes, and Denmark for other food products. Poland was the cheapest country for oils and fats, Romania for fruits, vegetables, potatoes and other food products.

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