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Chania: scandal over a bull on a spit on the Feast of the Holy Spirit

A photo of a bull on a spit during events held by the Kaludiana Cultural Club, which organized the festival on Sunday, the eve of Pentecost and the Feast of the Holy Spirit, caused sharp reaction from animal rights activists.

According to zarpanews.gr, for several days since the posters were published, messages and comments from users have appeared on social networks talking about barbarity.

Despite reactions from animal welfare groups and individuals, the 215kg bull took its place on a spit in the village square early yesterday morning and the event went ahead as usual. Below you will find angry messages from animal welfare organizations in Crete:

The post of the Animal Welfare Association of Chania is typical:

Joys and festivals there in Kaludian Kissamou:

  • For the celebration of the Holy Spirit, on this great holiday of Orthodoxy, dance and music will be staged around the bull, faithful to pagan “customs,” believing that they “promote culture.”
  • They are not so proud of it that they remember it on a poster as an attraction.
  • Is Easter not accompanied by the slaughter of lambs and their slaughter in most of the area?
  • And then we talk about ethics and empathy…
  • Love each other!

However, comments are no less valuable…

Rena Loukaki: Their brains need to be skewered…

Kostas Papatheodorou: How hypocritical you all are. You're worried about the skewer…the ones you all eat every day in your homes, they don't have a soul…they don't get cut, they don't die. As for Christians who slaughter… “for God's sake”, if you eat lamb again on Easter, you will be spat upon……

Papatheodorou Costas: You have the right not to say much. Only those who don't eat meat, I haven't eaten meat for almost 30 years, only we have the right to name them.

Michelle Heid: A very sad sight, I happened to walk past this morning when they were setting up the stage! Disgust and cruelty to the fullest! What culture do they promote?

Spiros Sergakis: This is organized by a cultural association… Shame… shame on you! And don’t talk about customs and other nonsense!

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