July 20, 2024

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Water heater explosion in Hermione, pregnant woman injured

A woman, six months pregnant, suffered burns on Friday afternoon after a home water heater exploded in Hermione.

She was hospitalized with extensive burns from boiling water that spilled from an explosion-damaged water heating device. How writes edition argolikeseidhseis.gr, she was taken to the Kranidi Medical Center for first aid. Doctors recorded second degree burns*. The injured person will be transported by Argolid Ambulance Service ambulance to Nafplio Hospital.

*With a 2nd degree burn, the top layer of skin completely dies and peels off, forming blisters filled with a clear liquid. The first blisters appear within a few minutes after the burn, but within another 1 day new ones can form, and existing ones can increase in size.

*An explosion of a storage water heater is quite rare, but possible. The explanation lies in the plane of the laws of physics. The water in a sealed tank heats up and, as the temperature rises, expands in volume. The pressure in the water heater tank increases significantly, which can lead to an explosion. A safety valve and thermostat are used to protect the equipment.

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