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US presidential debate: old enemies will come face to face, perhaps one of them will be replaced if he loses (video)

During the debate on June 27, US presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump will speak from the podium, and the microphones of everyone present, except for the speaker, will be turned off.

Terms of debate

Edition BB.LV, tells about the nuances of the event. Biden and Trump will receive a pen, paper and a bottle. They will not be allowed to bring pre-prepared texts with them. CNN, which is organizing the debate, reports:

“Both candidates agreed to speak from the podium, their places will be determined by a coin toss. During the debate, all microphones will be muted except for the microphone of the candidate whose turn it is to speak.”

The debate will last 90 minutes, with two commercial breaks, during which candidates will not be allowed to talk to aides.

A little history – the first debate in the USA

On September 26, 1960, the debate between the two leading candidates for the US presidency was shown on television for the first time. CBS hosted them under moderator Howard K. Smith. There were four rounds of debate between Senator Kennedy and Vice President Nixon, but the former were the most influential and the most popular. They reached a record audience of approximately 70 million people.

The fact that important political issues could be discussed by candidates for the highest office in the land and be easily accessible to nearly 90% of American homes that had television sets by 1960 demonstrated the ability of television to play an important civic role in American life.

As candidates answer questions about US domestic politics, experts agreed that Kennedy and Nixon demonstrated an equal level of argumentation. However, TV viewers paid attention not to what the candidate said, but to how he spoke. The younger, tanned and dark-suited Kennedy seemed to dwarf the gaunt, gray-suited Nixon, whose hastily applied makeup barely concealed the stubble on his face. According to the then head of Chicago, where the first ever televised debate was held, Richard J. Daley, the mayor described Nixon in an interview as follows:

“Oh my God, they embalmed him before he died.”

Nixon constantly wiped sweat from his face and, according to spectators, looked exhausted and pale. The problem was not only Nixon's appearance, but also the fact that he kept looking at his watch, which television viewers could not see, making his gaze appear fleeting. Unknown to the general public at the time, Nixon's extensive campaign had left him physically exhausted and disheveled. Moreover, it was later learned that Kennedy would come to the studio to prepare for the debate several hours before the event to check conditions, lighting, and even the temperature in the room. Informal polls taken after the debate showed that radio audiences tended to think Nixon had won, while those watching on television thought Kennedy had won.

If Biden fails, they may replace(?)

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Meanwhile, it became known about a possible replacement for Joe Biden in the US elections if he loses the debate. About it stated American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in his blog on Substack, citing sources:

“One of the last options, if he does very poorly on Thursday, I am told, is to reach an agreement with Biden and his family advisers that he will come to the Democratic convention in Chicago in August and be congratulated as the winner of the fight for nomination, and then refuses it.”

According to Hersh, “one old friend of the President admitted in a conversation” with him that The US Democratic Party is discussing the nomination of candidates such as Illinois State Governor Jay Pritzker and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

We wrote earlier that Michelle Obama could become… US President. When the media recently reported that Obama was calling on the president not to run again, Michelle said she fully supported Biden's campaign, which, of course, did not stop the rumors. Bookmakers still consider Michelle one of the most promising candidates in the November presidential election.

Since 1960, televised debates have been an integral part of US presidential elections. They allow the voter to get an impression of the politician’s personal qualities, his main positions and speed of reaction:

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