July 20, 2024

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Three days of the Holy Spirit: the Greeks rushed out of the city, today more than 39,000 people will set off from the ports

From today, June 21, traffic in the ports of Attica has increased due to the departure of travelers who decided to relax for 3 days on the islands.

The Coast Guard is taking all necessary measures to alleviate the “plight” of passengers who, due to the transport load, must arrive at the pier long before the ship departs.

A total of 25 routes are expected to operate from the port of Piraeus today, with initial advance bookings indicating that at least 25,146 passengers will travel to the various Aegean islands. Tomorrow, Saturday 22 June, 21 routes and 19,652 passengers are expected to depart from the port of Piraeus.

An increase in cargo traffic is expected from the port of Rafina, where 10 routes are planned for today. According to advance bookings, at least 10,230 passengers are expected to depart. Eight routes are planned for tomorrow, with 8,130 passengers expected to depart.

In addition, today 11 routes with 3880 passengers on board will depart from the port of Lavrio. Tomorrow, 10 ships are scheduled to depart, with 2,624 passengers expected to depart.

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