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South Korea is reconsidering its position on weapons to Ukraine (video)

On Thursday, June 20, after the signing of an agreement between the Russian Federation and the DPRK, the South Korean government announced a review of its decision regarding arms supplies to Ukraine.

According to the South Korean information Agency Yonhap National Security Advisor Jang Ho-jin stated:

“We plan to reconsider the issue of providing weapons to Ukraine. Specific arrangements will be revealed later, and it will be interesting to see how Russia reacts rather than revealing our plans in advance.”

The statement came after North Korea and Russia signed an agreement, which provides for a mutual obligation to provide immediate military assistance if one of them comes under attack. The publication notes that Chan hinted at a change in South Korea's policy regarding not providing lethal assistance to Ukraine. At the same time, the official said that South Korea will maintain strategic uncertainty regarding the types of weapons.

The South Korean politician expressed “grave concern” and condemned the signing of a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement between North Korea and Russia, which aims to strengthen mutual military and economic cooperation. He stressed that any cooperation that directly or indirectly contributes to the military strengthening of North Korea is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions and will be subject to international investigation and sanctions, and promised to take appropriate action.

South Korea also intends to impose additional sanctions against 4 ships, 5 organizations and 8 people involved in the transfer of weapons and oil between Russia and North Korea.

South Korea is one of the world's largest arms suppliers, but it does not send weapons to Ukraine. Vladimir Putin recently stated that he appreciates this circumstance in relations between the two countries. At the same time, some world media reported that South Korean shells could be supplied to the United States for Washington to transport them from there to Ukraine. In particular, they wrote that the United States purchased weapons from South Korea for Ukraine and delivered them through the Czech Republic.

Putin, during a press conference in Vietnam, reacted to a report that South Korea would consider the possibility of supplying weapons to Ukraine, quotes Reuters:

“South Korea has nothing to worry about because our military assistance under the treaty we signed only occurs if aggression is committed against one of the signatories. As far as I know, South Korea is not planning aggression against the DPRK. Regarding supplies lethal weapons into the combat zone in Ukraine, then this would be a very big mistake. If this happens, we will also make appropriate decisions that are unlikely to please the current leadership of South Korea.”

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