July 19, 2024

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Druzenko: "Ukraine is bursting at the seams. We need a respite and a change of power"

Ukraine is bursting at the seams. We need a respite and a change of power, the founder of the volunteer mobile hospital named after. Nikolai Pirogov, lawyer Gennady Druzenko.

In his opinion, instead of lines of stitching and solidarity, at the behest of the current government, serious lines of division in Ukrainian society are multiplying:

  • those on the home front curse the military for its “stupid repressive mobilization”;
  • the military, who need people at the front, are angry and offended by those in the rear;
  • foreign Ukrainians who came and helped a lot, due to the impossibility of leaving Ukraine with dual citizenship, renounce Ukrainian citizenship;
  • they reinstated Farion, who had spit in the face of Russian-speaking fighters, without whom she would not have been teaching somewhere in Lvov, quietly receiving her salary.

“And the problem of this government is that, by putting forward maximalist goals that are unrealistic today, it only multiplies these cracks in the material, which can reach a critical limit and tear the country apart from the inside.”

The military man believes that Zelensky’s power is theatrical, even cinematic:

“But when the city is destroyed, the power plant is destroyed, you can’t re-shoot a take, these are years and years, even when you have billions of Western aid… The authorities must understand the complexity of life, what is growing up, when the world is not divided into black and white, strangers and their own , betrayal or victory.

And the question of Ukraine’s survival is the coming to power of people who are capable of making not simple, as the current authorities are promoting, but complex, sometimes tragic, realistic decisions. Sometimes life is a choice between bad and less bad, not always between good and evil. And for this, in order to change the power of Ukraine, we need a truce… in order to survive, we need the most effective public administration, first of all, because this is a key element in the entire system.

We need a break, and a break means accepting the conditions on the battlefield.”

To summarize, Druzenko speaks of the need to look for ways to take a decent break in this war:

“If you leave everything as it is [нынешнюю власть и её стратегию], then we are gradually moving, and maybe even accelerating, not only gradually, we are heading towards disaster. Because the fault lines within the Ukrainian nation are becoming larger and larger, and the kingdom, which has divided itself within itself, will perish, says one wise book.”

Bold statements! Lately there are more of them. Moreover, if anyone has forgotten, this is the Druzenko who called for the castration of Russian prisoners, and not an ordinary zradophile.

The same Poroshenko significantly strengthened the opposition rhetoric. It has finally begun to dawn on us that the current vector for an ongoing war leads to extermination, and there may not be a better negotiating position.

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