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Foreign Affairs: bringing back peace through strength

What will Trump's foreign policy on Ukraine be if a Republican becomes president again? Former National Security Advisor to the Ex-President Robert O'Brien wrote an article in Foreign Affairs called “Returning peace through strength.”

Part of the material is devoted to the Russian-Ukrainian war. The author indicatesthat American aid “enough to prevent Ukraine from losing, but not enough to allow it to win”. Wherein “Biden appears to have no plan to end the war.”

Trump has such a plan, according to his former adviser. This “a negotiated settlement to the war that will end the killings and keep Ukraine safe.” “Trump's approach will be to continue to provide lethal European-funded aid to Ukraine, while leaving the door open to diplomacy with Russia and keeping Moscow off balance with a degree of unpredictability.”writes O'Brien.

The author’s main idea is that under Trump, Europe will have to finance arms supplies to Ukraine. “Washington must make sure its European allies understand that continued American defense of Europe depends on Europe doing its part, including in Ukraine,” the article says.

Trump may also call EU accept Ukraine faster. “If Europe wants to show that it is serious about defending Ukraine, it must immediately admit the country into the European Union, abandoning the usual bureaucratic accession protocol. Such a move would send a powerful signal to Putin that the West will not cede Ukraine to Moscow. It would also give hope to the Ukrainian people that there are better days ahead,” O'Brien said. (The last point, apparently, is also in the paradigm of Trump’s position that Europe should finance Ukraine. Since after the adoption of Kyiv, it is the EU that will begin to allocate funds to economically support Ukraine, and the United States will no longer need to do this – ed.).

Also, according to the author, Trump will begin the transfer of NATO ground and air forces to Poland, which will “will make it clear that the alliance will defend all of its territory from foreign aggression.”

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